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The debut album from West Yorkshire & Manchester band the Blacklight. Intrinsically northern in attitude and ambition, the Blacklight capture a vibrancy and energy reminiscent of some of the great musical giants of the north of England. From the laugh out loud funny ‘Older Women’ to the pop-emotional intensity of ‘Tooley’s Tune’, written for the death of a teenage friend in a tragic hit and run accident, from the angry rant of ‘Twisted Animation’ to the chilled and easy style of ‘Smoke Rings’ and ‘Summerblime’, the sheer scope of this debut album makes it an unusual one, and the originality of the songwriting gives it a style all of its own.


Ben Jones - Guitar/Vox
Stefan Melbourne - Drums/BVs
Adam Bartlett - Guitar/Keys
Matt Hansom - Bass




Pop, Rock, Indie, Rap,


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01 Apple Trees
02 Broken Bones
03 Tooley's Tune
04 Twisted Animation
05 Blessed are the Cracked
06 All Aboard the Crazy Train
07 All You Want
08 Smoke Rings
09 Older Women
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10 Lately I
11 Summerblime
12 Holmfirth Highlife
13 Waiting on Imagination
14 Fake Sounds of War

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The Blacklight

Location: West Yorkshire. England


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